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Masanobu Furuta

We, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., LTD., that was established in June 1958 as a manufacturing company for Osaka Godo Co., Ltd. (currently OG Corporation) celebrated the 60th anniversary in 2018.
We deeply appreciate all of our business partners and stakeholders.
We have grown together with our business partners through the development and manufacture of products for the textile, paper and resin industries as a member of OG Group.

We have been engaged in the development of a safer and more eco-friendly products (antimicrobial agents, flame retardants, special functional agents and insecticides) used for textiles, paper, resin, building materials and so on. We also continue improving customer satisfaction through our strong point, performance evaluation functions.
Our approaches to new fields include developing new ideas such as “insect natural enemies” and “smart cells” into the next business in preparation for commercialization in the future.

We all, as professionals, respond to customer requests, offer products and services that are specifically tailored to the customer’s needs.
We will continue striving to support your comfortable lifestyles, and we would highly appreciate your kind and continued support.

Hiroto Tanaka
President, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
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