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This page introduces the business policies and management concepts of Daiwa Chemical Industries.

Business policies

Our mission at Daiwa Chemical Industries is to make and supply only high quality, eco-friendly products that allow mankind to be a healthy component of the natural world. That mission is underscored by the following four policies.

  1. Be creative and daring everyday.
  2. Develop human resources to be reliable and courteous.
  3. Provide our workforce a foundation for leading a healthy, safe and rewarding life.
  4. Contribute to hosting communities as we grow as a company.
●Pursuing true amenities that ensure a future for the planet
Pursuing true amenities that ensure a future for the planet

Certain scenarios for the future of the planet beg the question of whether or not the riches and conveniences we desire and pursue as humans are true amenities. If you look at the price that has been paid for that, to note climate change and how the ozone layer has been depleted, those riches and conveniences seem no more than one-off appeasements. Faced with a deteriorating global environment, people and businesses today need to rethink what they are doing and where they are heading. As inhabitants of this planet, we at Daiwa Chemical Industries are searching for ways to give a physical shape to a desirable future and to answer the amenities question by finding harmony with the natural world.

● Building quality into the products we make
Building quality into the products we make

Product development concepts at Daiwa Chemical Industries regularly go steps beyond manufacturing materials to enhancing their quality and, by virtue thereof, pursuing new amenities. Take bactericides and insecticides for example. We add antibacterial or insect repelling properties to textiles without altering their texture or look. The products made from those materials function as a medium for making life more pleasant. Parallel to that, we have developed biodegradable plastics and, thus, helped to protect the global environment by deliberately changing how products behave. From consumer products to industrial materials, our chemical technologies are creating amenities in a variety of fields.

At Daiwa Chemical Industries, we build quality intended to benefit users and the planet into every product we make, while incessantly challenging new fields of endeavor and developing new products with eyes focused on the future, and creativity and technical expertise that lead the chemical industry.
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