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Daiwa Chemical Industries' products are used in all sorts of places. You'll be surprised how we are a part of your world. Below are listed some of our main products.

Paper products

Paper products
●Paper strengthening agent
●Water repellant and waterproofing agent for shopping bags
●Antibacterial agent for paper towels and tissues
●Insect repellant sheet for closets and kitchens
●Mildew-roofing agent for wallpaper and fusuma paper
●Softener for lotion tissues
●Antislip agent for wrapping paper

Emulsions and water-based products

Emulsions and water-based products
●Putrefaction preventing agent for adhesive
●Putrefaction preventing agent for laundry starch
●Mildew-roofing agent for water-based paint
● Mildew-roofing agent for water-based aromatics

Wet wipers

Wet wipers
●Preservative for paper oshibori
●Preservative for baby wipes
●Treatment agent for stovetop cleaner
●Eyeglasses cleaner
●Touch panel cleaner


●Mildew-proofing agent Aromatics
●Antibacterial deodorizing agent
●Other functional treatment agents
●Mite repelling agent
●Flame-retarding agent for car seats, curtains, etc.
●Warming and cooling agents
●Water-absorbing quick-drying agent

Unwoven cloth

Unwoven cloth
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing agent for air-conditioning filter
●Allergen deactivators
●Flame-retarding agent
●Insect and mite repellants

Construction materials

Construction materials
●Mildew-proofing agent for paint
●Flame-retarding and mildew-proofing agents for carpets
●Flame-retarding and mildew-proofing agents for mats and hardboards
●Mildew-proofing agent for caulking agents

Home appliances

Home appliances
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing kneading agent for washing machines and tubs
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing agent for humidifiers
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing kneading agent for air-conditioner casings
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing agent for air-conditioner drain pans
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing kneading agent for dishwasher drain hoses
●Insect repellant for IH stovetops

Cleaning and linens

Cleaning and linens
●Antibacterial mildew-proofing agent for dry-cleaning
●Antibacterial mite repellant for futon washing
●Insect repellant for suit bags
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